Clairval was founded in 1959 in the city of Lucerne, by the sisters Claire and Valerie Pinçon.

Finding no outfit to their liking in the still very masculine world of alpine skiing, they decided to create their own wardrobe in pop and colorful spirit.

What started out as a personal adventure began to inspire the women around them. They thus allowed, without knowing it, a whole generation to acquire the confidence and the equipment necessary for the practice of Alpine skiing.

Gradually the brand was forgotten, until an industrialist, on one of her many trips around the world, was intrigued by the discovery of an orange ski jacket.

After meticulous research, she was finally able to recover some archives of this enchanted past. She immediately identified with the two sisters. She herself had to struggle all her life against the pre-established codes.

Back from the trip, her obsession with Claire and Valerie’s story continued to grow.

She created a wardrobe inspired by the archives she had been able to find.

Just two seasons after the rebirth of Clairval, the brand is already distributed in many boutiques around the world.