Paquita bag - Brick

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Oh, Paquita! We're crazy in love with you. 

Her name pays tribute to some of our grandmothers and reminds us of those ladies' walks with the small bag under one arm and their other arm hanging on her neighbor lady.


  • Hang it over your shoulder or use it crossbody. One 140 cm adjustable cord included.
  • Wear it as a clutch, as a handbag by adjusting the cord or adding a short cord. You can also buy extra cards to combine colors and lengths

Sizes and details

  • 19 cm x 12 cm x 5,5 cm
  • Finished and painted edges for a greater protection
  • Magnet flap fastener
  • One inside pocket
  • One cord included (140 cm). Length is from end to end. Important notice: In order to have a reference of the size and the cord length, the model is 1,75 cm


Recycled eco-leather is a very long-lasting material, easy to care for, and a sustainable and quality choice that offers a lot of possibilities. It is a real and sustainable alternative to plastic and other materials coming from oil that enjoys a certificate by Oeko Tex Leather Standard and Global Recycled Standard.

We strongly believe that recycling is the future and it is one of the keys to saving our planet. That is why we choose a recycled material like our eco-leather, which, in addition, has the appearance, feel, and the scent of natural leather. This is due to the fact that these materials are treated with the same processes as in tanneries and they are produced using the same equipment and methods used with genuine leather.

In order to manufacture our recycled leather, our local provider uses bovine-type fibers that come from the tanning process. That is to say when the skins are divided to equal or reduce their thickness. In short, the material comes from the waste that has so far been burned through a highly polluting industrial process. Therefore, we believe that we are making this waste valuable again and turning something so negative of this industry into something positive.

To make the new material, these fibers are combined only with natural latex (never plastic) in a unique eco machinery. As a result, our products get softness, smoothness, and the most select leather’s scent.

Oh! We almost forgot it:  Our reliable local provider of recycled leather is also MADE IN SPAIN ;)